Humic A

  • HUMIC A Leonardite-Based Granular Humic Acid

    Humic A consists of high proportion of organic matter, humic acid, amino acid, organic nitrogen, and has low pH level. It is a unique product in terms of its content. It has granular structure; hence, it is easy to use. Applicable for all fruit trees and vegetables, such as cotton, tobacco, potato, sugar beet, corn, paddy, grains, etc.

    Humic A;

    Forms the soil structure to be loose and airy; thus, accelerates root development.

    Prevents formation of lime and salts in soil.

    Makes earthbound elements free and usable for plants.

    Due to slow dissolution, its effect is long-lasting.

    Has amino acids in the composition; hence, free nutrients can be easily carried into plant.

    Due to low pH in formula, pH level in plant root gets lower.

    High proportion of Nitrogen enhances vegetative development.

    Consists of nutrients and especially amino acids; therefore, it provides earliness.

    Increases nitrogen use efficiency of plants.

    Assists purification of pollutants and toxic substances in soil.