COMPO EXPERT, a strong partner for healthy growth, was established in Münster, Germany in 1956. COMPO EXPERT, which is among the leading international companies, with its product portfolio that contains high quality and up-to-date technologies manufactured in its production facilities; has a wide range of products, including potting soil, fertilizer, and also plant protection products.Many different types of special fertilizers are available for all purposes, for use in field-garden plants, nurseries, ornamental plants, and lawn areas.

COMPO EXPERT is in a farmer-friendly solution partner effort with its supply chain starting from importers to the latest users. Due the results obtained from detailed market researches, R&D studies are carried out according to customer requests and needs. 

COMPO EXPERT Turkey company works based on regional importers system. as a strong partner both for the farmers and customers, work more closely to provide faster and more customer-oriented service, in Turkey for many years with known products COMPO expert's Central Anatolia region organization.

COMPO EXPERT and EFORGANİK have formed a business partnership that offers the highest quality solutions where experience, innovation and technology leaders meet.